Chirgilchin – Kaldak Khamar – 2009 – Full Album

Chirgilchin – Kaldak Khamar – 2009 – Full Album

Published on Oct 22, 2017

BUY THE ALBUM AND SUPPORT THE ARTISTS HERE:… Special thanks to Tenzin Khan (see comments) for the hard work in writing down the tracklist marks:
1. Kaldak-Khamar 06:09 |
2. Khondergeim 08:55 |
3. Inek Khoogleeri 09:50
 4. Kargyraa – Solo by Aldar Tamdyn 12:56 |
5. Kozhamyk 16:36 |
6. Khoomei – Solo by Mongoun-Ool Ondar 21:45 |
7. Kadararda Khoyum charash 27:33 |
8. Saraadymnyng Ornu Kaiyl? 32:09 |
9. Temir-khomus – Solo by Mongoun-Ool Ondar 37:30 |
10. Tozhu 40:12 |
11. Pictures of Tuva 47:07 |
12. Yrlap Choruur Urug
A young girl is returning to her grandparents’ home after a semester at music school. Tired of walking along the dusty country road, she flags down a passing truck. The girl and the driver pass the time having great conversation, and she shows off her singing. Suddenly, the truck is surrounded by sheep, and their Baaaa is the only sound heard. The truck is stranded, and the singer and the driver can only wait for the animals to pass. Chirgilchin’s instrumentals place the listener in the middle of this story, while Aldar Tamdyn and Aidysmaa Koshkendey take the roles of the driver and the girl. credits released January 1, 2009 Igor Koshkendey – Throat singing, Vocals, Igil, Doshpoulour, Bayan Aldar Tamdyn – Throat singing, Vocals, Igil, Byzaanchy Aidysmaa Koshkendey – Vocals, Percussion Mongoun-Ool Ondar – Throat singing, Vocals, Igil, Temir-khomus, Doshpoulour Traditional music arranged by Alexander Bapa and Igor Koshkendey Produced by Alexander Bapa – Pure Nature Music Recorded at Dark Tree Studio Recorded and mixed by Jay Bentoff Graphic design by Joana Cardoso Mastering by Adam Reed Artwork by Leonid Urjuk Text by Aksai Bapa