Fátima Miranda-Concierto en Canto (28”54′ Resumen del Concierto)

Fátima Miranda-Concierto en Canto (28”54′ Resumen del Concierto)

Ajoutée le 3 oct. 2013

* Original Idea, Direction, Musical composition and singer performer: Fátima Miranda * Photograph for “Alankara Skin”: Koldo Chamorro * Lighting design: Andreas Grainer * Stage consulting: Maite Hernangómez * Costumes design and tailoring: “En Escena” * Sound engineer: Andrés Vazquez Archdale Note: All the vocal sounds produced in this concert are natural and the result of technics developed by Fátima Miranda. The voice is supported by amplification, without electronic manipulation. SPONSORS/CO-PRODUCERS: * HEBBEL THEATER — HAU Berlin * SONAMBIENTE – Festival fiir Horen und Sehen – Berlin * DAAD (Deutscher Akedemischer Austauschdienst) — Berlin * Spanish Foreign Affeirs Ministery * C.I.N.T. (Center for Images and New Technologies – Vitoria)