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Purchase Overtone Analyzer and VoceVista

Here you can buy licenses for Overtone Analyzer and VoceVista Video.

Our products come in several editions. Please note that the Overtone Analyzer edition does not contain Frequency Filters. Some tutorial videos still show filters in Overtone Analyzer, but the editions have been renamed in May 2017 due to the merging of Overtone Analyzer and VoceVista. For Frequency Filters, please get VoceVista Video or VoceVista Video Pro. You can compare the different editions on our Products page.

We recommend that you download and install the software before buying it to ensure that it runs well on your system, and that you selected the feature set you want.

Edition Single-User License
Overtone Analyzer for Mac 49
VoceVista Video for Mac 99
VoceVista Video Pro for Mac 399
Overtone Analyzer for PC 49
VoceVista Video for PC 99
VoceVista Video Pro for PC 399

By purchasing or downloading our software products, you agree to abide by our license terms. All orders are processed by FastSpring through a secure website. When making an order, the personal data required for payment processing is transmitted to FastSpring. Please note FastSpring’s privacy policy and ours.

Updates and Renewal Licenses

Registered users get free updates for 12 months from the date of purchase. This is for all new versions of the purchased edition of the software that are released during that time.

After 12 months, you can continue to use the software indefinitely, but you won’t be able to install new updates. To upgrade to the latest version (and to get another 12 months of upgrades), you can buy a renewal license for 25% of the current price of a new license. If you have not upgraded for four years or longer, the price of the renewal license is 50% of the current price of a new license. Please write to us at info@sygyt.com if you want to upgrade.

Changing from PC to Mac

If you have a license for Overtone Analyzer Live or Overtone Analyzer Premium, you can buy a renewal license to upgrade to Version 5.x. Overtone Analyzer Live 4 will be upgraded to VoceVista Video 5, and Overtone Analyzer Premium 4 will be upgraded to VoceVista Video Pro 5. As part of this upgrade you can choose to switch to the Mac version.

Upgrading to a higher edition

If you have bought a smaller edition and need the features of a higher edition, you can upgrade to the higher edition by paying the difference between the editions. Please write to us at info@sygyt.com for more details.

Student Discounts

Students get a 50% discount upon request. If you are a student at a school or university, please write to us at info@sygyt.com to get the student discount. Please state the name of your school and your subject.

Request for Taxpayer Identification Number

If your organization requires a W-9 form prior to purchasing a license, please note that our orders are handled by a company called FastSpring, and that they are the vendor from which you need the taxpayer identification number. Here is the relevant W-9 form from them.

Multi-User and Institutional Licenses

We offer multi-user licenses for VoceVista Video Pro. These are intended for educational institutions and academic departments.

License Terms

  1. All multi-user licenses are for the indicated number of seats and will work on both Mac and PC. When you buy a multi-user license, we will send you a single license key that can activate the software for the given number of seats. When activating the software on a computer, that computer needs to be connected to the internet. You can freely mix Macs and PCs up to the given number of seats.
  2. Instead of a single key that can activate many seats, we can also send you a set of individual activation keys for each seat upon request.
  3. The software comes with free updates to the latest version and support for 12 months from the date of purchase. Another year of upgrades and support requires purchase of a renewal license for 25% of the initial purchase price.
    If you have not upgraded for four years or longer, the price of the renewal license is 50% of the current price of the new license.
Multi-user licenses for VVV Pro
Seats Initial Price Renewal License
5 1499 374
20 1999 499
30 2499 624
50 3499 874
100 5999 1499

Any questions? Feel free to ask us at info@sygyt.com. Also, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.




About us

Sygyt Software was founded in 2003 by Bodo Maass and Wolfgang Saus to explore the creation of tools that help people to become better musicians and to realize the full potential of their voice. “Sygyt” is the tuvan word for a specific throat singing technique that creates a very strong, high pitched overtone sound. The name represents the company’s origin in overtone singing.

Bodo Maass

Bodo Maass is the founder and main software developer of Sygyt Software. He first began programming at the age of 11. After studying Cognitive Science (Psychology and Philosophy) at the University of Oxford, he worked on voice based human-machine interfaces for a company called MicroStrategy in Washington D.C. He subsequently returned to Oxford to become the first employee of the newly founded company NaturalMotion, where he was the lead developer for NaturalMotion’s award winning 3D animation software “endorphin”, a commercial product to synthesize human movement based on artificial intelligence research. He discovered Overtone Singing in 1994 and immediately wanted to learn this seemingly impossible art of singing two melodies at the same time. He and his teacher in this method, Wolfgang Saus, talked about the lack of good software to assist teaching overtone singers, and thus “Overtone Analyzer” was born.
This work was later expanded to create the next generation of the software “VoceVista” together with the voice scientist Don Miller.

Wolfgang Saus

Originally trained in Germany as a scientist as well as a classical singer, Wolfgang Saus has gained a profound understanding of overtone singing, both as a performer and a teacher. His unique combination of a scientific intellect and several decades experience as a singer enables him to make overtones accessible to many people by explaining them in simple, intuitive terms. Saus has become one of the leading overtone singers in Europe, and has taught hundreds of students individually and through workshops. He is also an expert in improving the intonation of a choir by training the singers to control their overtones, which he has refined into his new method of “Choral Phonetics”.

Overtone Analyzer and VoceVista Video are the consequent application of his knowledge to the medium of software, which allows the visualization and exploration of voice and sound in an interactive way.

Don Miller

Operatic bass-baritone Donald Miller was professor at the Syracuse Unversity School of Music when, in the 1980s, he began research on the acoustics and physiology of the singing voice with phoniatrist Harm Schutte in Groningen, The Netherlands. Later in that decade he settled in Groningen full time, where he and Prof. Schutte published a number of articles, earning him a PhD with the publication of Registers in Singing in the year 2000. A product of that research has been the software program VoceVista, providing digital feedback for singing instruction from spectrum analysis and the electroglottograph (EGG). In 2008 he published Resonance in Singing, concisely describing the application of the system to analysis of the recorded literature, as well as to live instruction in the voice studio.

Krzysztof Jaros

Krzysztof Jaros, born in Poland, is author, software developer, independent researcher, lecturer. Mainly, his work is focused on soundwork and consciousness exploration. His research touches singing bowls, overtone singing, brainwave entrainment, and spectral signal processing. Over the years, he created several audio technologies, software solutions, methods and verbal programs – designed to support therapies, self-improvement and adventures in the world of altered states of awareness. He worked for Peter Hess Academy in Poland, and inspired by works of Robert A. Monroe, he gives workshops on ways of dealing with expanded perception of inner and outer reality. A few years ago he fell in love with Overtone Analyzer, and now is helping to push it beyond the imaginable.

Sven Grawunder: Obertongesang versus Kehlgesang / Die Erforschung eines besonderen Stimmgebrauchs, MA degree, Halle,Germany, march 1999

Obertongesang versus Kehlgesang

Die Erforschung eines besonderen Stimmgebrauchs

Sven Grawunder

Diplomarbeit am Institut f ̧r Sprechwissenschaft und Phonetik der Martin-Luther-Universitat Halle-Wittenberg vorgelegt Marz 1999.


Vorgelegt 24.03.1999


The whole dissertation can be read in this link below:








Dave Dargie & Tran Quang Hai

Dave Dargie was the discoverer of the Xhosa overtone singing umngqokolo during the 80′ of the last century.

Prof.Dr. Dave DARGIE made the best video recordings from 1985 to 1998 in South Africa with Xhosa female singers .
To obtain more information about Umngqokolo – Thembu Xhosa – Overtone singing, please contact Prof.Dr Dave Dargie,Ostpreussenstr 81, D-81927 München, GERMANY or write to him :
email: dave.dargie@t-online.de