Hosoo Transmongolia – The Leader Of 10000 Horses

Hosoo Transmongolia – The Leader Of 10000 Horses

Ajoutée le 11 oct. 2008

A mongolian orchestra “Hosoo Transmongolia” gives a concert in St. Jacobs Church in Copenhagen, Denmark. They play traditional Mongolian folk-music and they use a very speciel songtechnique, “Mongolian höömii”. It is a kind of “throat song” where overtones appear and become the main sound in the song. The orchestra uses traditional instruments, morin khuur (horse head fiddle),ikh khuur (horse head bass), ever buree (oboe) and traditional drum. The songs are from different parts of Mongolia. Many of the songs are about horses and the life on the Mongolian steppe, and some songs are shaman songs.