House of Voices — Mongolian Throat Singing by Tamir Hargana

House of Voices — Mongolian Throat Singing by Tamir Hargana

203 views•Jan 14, 2020110ShareSaveHouse of Voices Calarts 1 subscriber In this workshop, Tamir Hargana (master throat singer from Inner Mongolia, China) will begin by demonstrating the main styles of throat singing (khöömii) from Mongolia and Tuva. He will explain the cultural significance of khöömii in Mongolian and Tuvan cultures and will also explain the acoustical phenomenon of how a single person can produce drone and overtones at the same time. He will then engage workshop participants in experimenting with vowel sounds, breath support, and “shaha” (the basic technique for building a khöömii sound in Mongolia) with time throughout for participants to ask questions.