Inside Steve Sklar’s Larynx: Kargyraa, University of Visconsin ,1998

Inside Steve Sklar’s Larynx: Kargyraa, University of Visconsin ,1998

Ajoutée le 24 juil. 2007

Endoscopic video examination of my larynx while singing Tuvan kargyraa style. Things to notice: the constriction of the vestibule of the larynx; compare this to the more open area around and at the vocal folds when I stop singing, and when I speak in normal voice. Also, you can see the two levels of kargyraa phonation: at the level of the vocal folds (lower, and partially occluded, and the ventricular folds, which are vibrating ABOVE the vocal folds. The ventricular folds are the source of the low tones, NOT something low in the neck as claimed by others here at YouTube. Ever wonder how videos of the inside of the larynx are made? See this video about fibroscopy, used to make endoscopic videos: Kids, don’t try this at home!!! Get better quality videos, mp3s, online throat-singing lessons, throat-and-overtone singing forum and lots more at