Jonathan Goldman Crystal Bowls Chakra Chants — Navel Chakra Citrine Fire


Goldman Crystal Bowls Chakra Chants — Navel Chakra Citrine Fire

Jonathan Goldman 43,6 k abonnés From “CRYSTAL BOWLS CHAKRA CHANTS” by Jonathan Goldman, & Crystal Tones, this piece called “Navel Chakra—Citrine Fire” features Healing Sounds Pioneer Jonathan Goldman and Crystal Tones. Goldman chanted the vocal sounds, including the sacred vowels, bija mantras and harmonics. Crystal Tones played the beautiful harmonically related crystal bowls. It is designed to resonate and balance the solar plexus chakra–the third chakra. The visuals were created by Liquid Light artist Timothy Helgeson who has numerous videos on YouTube. “CRYSTAL BOWLS CHAKRA CHANTS” features 7 extraordinary tracks of music designed to balance and resonant the 7 chakras of the body. It is a Visionary Award winning recording—a favorite among listeners. To enjoy “Navel Chakra–Citrine Fire” as well as the complete recording of “CRYSTAL BOWLS CHAKRA CHANTS “, please visit: or other download websites for more details.