Khoomei “Sygyt 2020” – Online Throat Singing Contest

Khoomei “Sygyt 2020” – Online Throat Singing Contest

469 views•Sep 6, 2020362ShareSaveRowan Hartsuiker 2.15K subscribers This was my submission for the first ever official Online Tuvan Throat Singing Contest “Sygyt 2020”, organized by the Tuvan Cultural Center, in Kyzyl, Tuva (Russia). In this contest it’s only allowed to sing the specific type of technique called “Sygyt” (in Mongolian we call this throat singing technique: “Isgeree”), which is a technique of khoomei (throat singing). I actually received an official award for my submission! With over 80 submissions from various countries, including Tuva and Mongolia, that was pretty awesome! In this video I demonstrate the following techniques: Sygyt (overtone throat singing), Sygyt Borbangnadyr (overtone throat singing with vibrato with tongue), Sygyt Ezengileer (overtone throat singing with combination of sound coming from mouth and nasal cavity). Accompanying myself on igil-style morin khuur. I hope you enjoy!