Mongolian Incredible Throat Singing 呼麦 – HD

Mongolian Incredible Throat Singing 呼麦 – HD

Published on May 1, 2013

Thanks All! A million hits don’t come easy, I treasure your supports on the low res version over the years. I have decided to post this re-edited 720p version for more comfortable view. Credit should go to my crappy yet helpful 1440 x 1080 camcorder! ***Khoomei or Humai is the most incredible and distinctive vocal performance in Mongolia. Sometimes described as throat singing. It is said that through this method, harmony of up to 4 layers can be produced at the same time! Purchase this song (newly recorded duration 3’35”) on iTunes, CDbaby, Amazons and more. Search phrase : “Praise of Mongolia Peter Lai”. or purchase direct from:… More info at