Natascha Nikeprelevic RECITAL Overtones and Tambura

Natascha Nikeprelevic RECITAL Overtones and Tambura

Published on May 31, 2010

This clip was the inspiration for the producers of the movie AUSGERECHNET SIBIRIEN to ask Natascha for two songs. Natascha loaned the film character “Sajana” her voice: Exclusively for the movie AUSGERECHNET SIBIRIEN Natascha composed and sang the overtone song and the song for soprano and tambura and choreographed the hand movements of Shor singer in the movie. From today 22.12.15 on you can stream the film on ZDF Mediathek… Watch the movie trailer here:… This video “RECITAL overtones and tambura” is an excerpt of a live-concert in munich, december 2009 Natascha Nikeprelevic | youtube-channel: Artist-website: Facebook:… Download music: