Overtone Singing Tutorial by Sound Medicine Master

Overtone Singing Tutorial by Sound Medicine Master

3 916 vues•13 avr. 2012 62 10 Partager EnregistrerGenieInaBody 319 abonnés http://www.genieinabody.com – Kailash Kokopelli has been recognized as a tribal brother and bridgemaker by indigenous people as well as a pioneer soundtherapist by medical practitioners and international doctors. Within the last 14 years Kailash Kokopelli has shared his Inner World Music on every continent touching many thousand people all over the globe. Kailash performs in schools, universities, therapeutic institutions, conferences and festivals, private and in concert halls all over the world, guiding his audience on musical journeys to the inner source. Please find more information about Kailash here: http://www.kailash-kokopelli.com