Seven styles of False folds Singing – falsocordale by Giovanni Bortoluzzi

Seven styles of False folds Singing – falsocordale by Giovanni Bortoluzzi

Published on Jul 7, 2015

This is me practicing some different styles:
The first one is not verified, because Tibetan monks uses another technique called Strohbass, which doesn’t involve the false folds, while I used false folds in the video! Sorry, I didn’t know. Anyway, it is possible that some monks uses false folds instead of strohbass. “False folds singing” defines a group of vocal techniques that uses the additional vibration of the false vocal folds, which resonates one octave below the pitch produced by the vocal folds.
1.(not correct)Tibetan monk chant
2. Dag Kargyraa (Republic of Tuva)
3. Khovu Kargyraa (Republic of Tuva)
4. Khoomei/Kargyraa (Republic of Tuva)
5. Chylandyk (Republic of Tuva)
6. Su Bassu (Canto a Tenore, Sardinia, Italy)
7. Throat bass (Beatbox sound) For skype lessons, mail me at !