TRAN QUANG HAI’s workshop of overtone singing at the ICTM World Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, 13 july 2019


Saturday July 13th 2019

Vocal BRK 614
Throat Singing
Trần Quang Hải
CREM – Center of Research in Ethnomusicology

TRAN QUANG HAI : Workshop of Throat Singing

Throat Singing has two directions: harmonic melody (Siberia) and harmonic resonance (Inuit from Canada, Xhosa from South Africa, Tibetan prayers from Tibet). During the workshop , participants can learn and obtain the basic technique of Mongolian & Tuvan style. The use of software “Overtone Analyzer” (created by Bodo Maas from Germany) will help everyone to understand the use of overtones to created a melody. A survey of throat singing from countries where throat singing is practiced.


The equipment is needed:

1 Big room can have the place for 30 participants

1 Boomer (video projector), 1 large screen

1 microphone with stand

1 bottle of water , 1 glass

Time for workshop : 90 minutes

Dr. Tran Quang Hai

former executive board member of the ICTM (2005-2017)

ordinary member of the ICTM